Monday, December 11, 2006

Revamp Update

Last month I mentioned that the Thanet Blog List would be getting a much needed revamp and several of you commented on the post giving me some input into what you wanted.

I've been working on the new site over the weekend and am quite happy with it although there are a few things to tinker with before we 'go live'.

I still have to import all the posts and comments on this blogger site (if I can?!) and then I'll make the switchover.

There's been a few changes to the mission statement which now reads as:
The Thanet Blog List (TBL) is intended to be a list of all bloggers who live in Thanet, and will also include links to blogs with a connection to Thanet. There will be no attempt to decide whether a blog has appropriate or inappropriate content other than whether it complies with the previous statement. This listing takes no responsibility for the content of the blogs listed.
This should hopefully clear up a few things

Also added are categories so that it's easy for visitors to view blogs about certain subjects e.g. each blog listing will be tagged e.g Ramsgate, Politics, Humour.

I've also added a 'request' form on the site so that it's easier to get listed so there's no need to comment or email in order to get my attention. Simply fill in the form and press 'submit' and the info will be with me straight away.

There's still a few things to get sorted with knowing when blogs are updated, but this should be resolved pretty easily.

.... more news to follow.


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