Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Margate FC

Tagline at time of publish:
A chronicle of the 2006/2007 season from across the pond in Canada.


Anonymous Joe said...

nothing about the post.......
can you add me please?

3:53 pm  
Blogger adem said...

I'm sorry joe, but I can't really class your site as a blog and therefore cant include it.

A blog is a website where entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.

Anyone else got anything to comment on this? I'm open to suggestions.

6:19 pm  
Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said...

Adem, no way - Margate FC is far too important for silly internet rules.

One really ought to add Jeff trice's excellent Margate FC history website to Thanet Bloglist. (for reference purposes)

MFC History Site

7:04 pm  
Blogger Jeremy Jacobs said...

tail firmly between legs!

9:41 pm  
Blogger thanetbloglist said...

Well as Adem commented, Joe's site as not being an actual blog, not the Margate FC one which is a blog.

I have to give the same response thought to Jeff's History site which isn't a blog either.

Sorry, but that's what this site is about.

2:39 pm  
Blogger Frances Oapen said...

What about me or are you a woman hater too???

9:53 pm  
Blogger thanetbloglist said...

Frances - Well, if you will go quitting after 1 week of blogging!!

I see you're back now though, so welcome to the club.

11:30 am  

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